Mind your dendrites by “stemulating” your brain.

“Stemulate” your mind without getting on your nerves. An apple a day will keep the dentist away, but not using your brain will make you the walking dead. Yes, your mind just got over matter because it doesn’t have to be tangible to exist. You can jog your memory, but you don’t have to go around the world or step to the left or right to do it. Get your dendrites down to business with these activities.

Get your head in the tube

If you’re not in the game it’s okay to be benched and be a couch potato. You don’t have to be basic to get a premium education anymore. You can flip through a book, or channel your brain to click with your remote. You don’t have to get with the program to get your local listings, you can order it on demand.

Don’t be the missing link, it’s okay to be puzzled and find a connection

All things fall apart and if you don’t put them back together, things will be in pieces. Sometimes you need to find the missing link to put a puzzle back together again. Your brain can be puzzled for a while, but finding the right solution can make you cross paths with the right words.

You don’t have to play the field to play in the field

You need to make a play to play the game. You need to mind the field to run it smoothly. You can jog your memory or run into problems. Exercise your brain, by giving your body the runaround. Your body has a system, but don’t be too nervous to show it off once you walked it out.



You can play ball,or cross paths with words that aren’t from the horse’s mouth. Get your head in the tube and “stemulate” your mind.