Relationships in themselves are so beautiful, and being in a relationship through the holidays is even more of a wonderful feeling. However, what happens when you’re single for the holidays. Not only single, but recently single and still trying to find your way through the heartache. This is not a rare situation to be in, so here are some tips to make the journey a little bit easier.

Understanding and Acceptance

This is the first step to freedom. Often times after a breakup, we sulk and walk around remembering the good times we shared with our significant other, wishing we could be back in love. We sit in our hurt or completely block it off, trying to be too strong to feel our natural emotions. Whichever side of the spectrum, both are unhealthy and lack understanding and acceptance. Understanding comes when you are able to view the relationship for what it really was. Be mature enough to work through your thoughts, to eventually conclude why it didn’t work out. It is helpful to take yourself and your feelings out of the equation, so that you may have grace towards the situation. After having a good understand of why it didn’t work comes acceptance. Acceptance is important so that you are not bitter and can move on with your life, with nothing pulling or holding you back. Be confident in the fact that everything is going to be okay and work itself out for your good!

Friends and Family

Making sure that you surround yourself with loved ones is crucial. The holidays are about love, appreciation and thankfulness. One of the worst positions to be in is isolating yourself or being alone too often. Time by yourself is important as well, so that you may cater to your healing. However, a good balance between the two is most effective. When you spend time with your friends and family, they will remind you of how wonderful and special you are. Being in the presence of love, affection and laughter with the people that know you the best will reassure you of your purpose, abilities and internal and external beauty.

Have Fun and Give

There are so many things, aside from work and school that you can occupy your time with. Use the holiday season as a time to grow, give and have as much fun as possible. Feed the homeless or cook meals for yourself and your loved ones. Go ice skating, go to the movies, window shop, and decorate your space with holiday trinkets. Attend concerts in the park, drive through movies, and parties to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. Whatever you do, don’t hold back, instead embrace your freedom. Try not to be sad over what you no longer have, because it wastes the time you could spend being grateful for all of the things you do have. This is the season to look at all of your blessings and to immerse yourself in the goodness of them.

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