I had the honor of interviewing upcoming hairstylist Adia with Posh Hair Extensions. Though she was extremely busy, she was giving and kind with her time and squeezed an in-depth one-on-one conversation with me.

Adia is a fan of Sheen Magazine and thankful for the platform to speak and share her story.

She started in a family owned shop but eventually branched off, pathed her own path and opened up an own salon in Philadelphia. She is paving her way to make her dreams coming true! Adia was the first in her community to bring unique futuristic hair extensions to her city. Before the evolution of microbeads and micro links, individuals had to put a lot of abuse on their natural hair and could not be as creative with their styling. She worked on a couple of celebrities such as Amber Rose, but really enjoys and caters to the everyday woman!

Adia is the proud owner of the beautiful business Posh Hair Boutique She offers a full-service line including hair, nails, makeup, and lashes.

We had a fun question and answer segment where we got to know a little bit more about her!

Who was your inspiration?

My mother was a huge inspiration and influence. She worked hard as a single parent. I remember days in high school my mom would be sleeping in after working a night shift. I would be in the front room styling all of my friend’s hair. She said “you really know what you are doing!” and pushed me to explore it further. So I attended beauty school.

micro link class

What is the difference between micro links and microbeads?

Micro links are small bead-like clamps that connect to your real hair. Microbeads sections of your hair are attached with a plastic or silicone bead.

What is your favorite style to create?

Micro link Extensions I enjoy working with as they are versatile and full head styling. The hair can be worn down with full body curls. It can be versatile half up or half down. There is no set style. It is simply adding length and fullness.

What advice would you give to others?

  • Don’t rush things.
  • Do things and move on your own time.
  • Don’t listen to others.
  • Be prepared to sacrifice your time.

What do you want to be remembered by?

I want to be remembered as being a good mother and role model. I also want to be remembered as being ambitious and a trendsetter.

What message would you leave for those who want to be successful?

Opening and maintaining a business are two different things. You need to be financially and mentally ready. Consistency is huge! Leave others with A1 Customer service. Remain down to earth and be on time.

What do you have planned for the future?

I do host certifications that take a full day to complete and workshops around the nation.

You can find Adia at the Philly Hair and Fashion Expo June 9th, 2019
being honored with the Lifetime achievement award at the Sugar House casino.

We are so excited and can’t wait to see the many adventures that are ahead.
Her mom has been such a huge influence and I am sure she is super proud of her!

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All images by Ray Valdez Photography