If you didn’t know her already, you’ll want to make sure you do now! Jayme Shaye is a singer/songwriter who takes her listeners on her own personal journey through her lyrics. The Los Angeles native is admired for her soulful vocals and grabs the attention of many within the first few seconds of each hit single. Sheen Magazine sat down with the vocalist to discuss her album, deToxic and

Tell our readers about yourself. When did you know music would become such a big part of your life?
Well, my name is Jayme Shaye and I am a singer/songwriter, I’ve been doing this my whole life. I grew up with music around me. My father is a professional drummer, my grandfather plays the saxophone and my grandmother plays the organ so there was no specific moment honestly. This has just always been my life. I didn’t have a choice! (laughs)

Are there any artists that inspire you or you would want to collaborate with?
Yes! I’m a huge Jill Scott fan! I fan over her (laughs). I love her so much, she is just amazing. I would love to just even look at her (laughs). I would also say Jhené Aiko. She is really amazing and has great vibes. There is actually a song on my album that I wrote after I listened to her album, Trip, it’s called song “Two Way Street,” so I would love to work with her! I feel like we would have a great collaboration.

What inspired your album, deToxic?
I call deToxic my baby (laughs). I was in a really bad relationship a couple years ago. I stayed in the relationship way longer than I should have. It was a really toxic, disgusting relationship and when I finally left, I wanted to go back to that man… I knew it wasn’t good for me, it was kind of like a drug. I had to detox and I did that by writing. With every emotion that I had, I wrote about it, I sang about it, and I created the album. deToxic comes from literally me detoxing from what was toxic in my life. I just let it all out and I’m so happy that I did because I’m a better person!

What is the overall goal you want your listeners to gain when listening to your music?
For me, this album was really a journey of self-love. If you listen to it from beginning to end, I take you on a journey of me feeling like I wasn’t good enough to realize how much of an amazing woman I am. From this album, I really want my listeners, especially women to understand that they are so great! They are amazing and they should never let anyone make them feel any less than they are.

What can we expect to see from Jayme Shaye in the future?

So I am working on my next project and this particular project is all about loving me. I’m out of my bad relationship and a lot of times when women get out of a relationship, they learn to love themselves a lot more. This album is going to be a lot sexier, talk more about love, and being beautiful. I cannot wait to share it with you guys. I have some community events coming up, I’m having a school drive coming up August 12th. I’m also having a premiere party for a music video of mine titled, “Cuddy.” I’m excited! I have a lot of great things coming up.

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