Ghost hunting just got a little more interesting!

If you were never a fan of the genre before, Ghost Brothers will change your mind.  Comprised of three best friends Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass and Marcus Harvey, they are the first African-American paranormal investigation team. The three came together to form a dynamic team after finding out they all have had personal experiences with ghosts and with a few years investigating on their own, they will now be sharing their journey on our TV screens.

When they aren’t breaking barriers in ghost hunting and TV, they are making waves in the fashion and hair industry, with Dalen and Juwan being co-designers and Marcus being a celebrity barber. Check out what these three best friends had to say about dealing with spirits, getting their families’ support and ghost hunting affecting their love life.

As you know it is very rare for black people to engage in paranormal activity, so how did you all find out that you shared that common interest?

Dalen: Me and Juwan were pledging at Clark Atlanta University, Kappa Alpha Psi and that’s how we met. As friends, you tell each other stories, especially late at night, you talk about scary stuff that has happened and you find out that people have similar stories to you. Marcus was cutting both of our hair and you know how you have barbershop talk, so we [all] found out that we had similar experiences when we were younger.

How did you guys come up with the idea to do the TV show?

Dalen: I’ve always been a huge fan of the genre, from scary movies to other paranormal shows, and I’ve never seen a representation of myself on these shows. So reaching out to my good friends Juwan and Marcus, I think its dope to have people just like me interested in the same things.

This is definitely nothing we have ever seen on TV. What is your ultimate goal for doing this show?

Marcus: Our ultimate goal is to show that you can go outside of the box. Dalen and Juwan have a dope clothing line and I’m a barber.

Dalen: Barber star!

Marcus: Thee barber! I think it’s refreshing and gives people permission to be great in everything they want to do or is about to do.


NYC Screening (Left to Right) Juwan Mass, Dalen Spratt and Marcus Harvey

I had the pleasure of viewing the first two episodes and I really enjoyed it! I love your chemistry and I love how you bring comedic relief to a rather creepy situation. Was there ever a time where you were so freaked out that you couldn’t even finish the investigation?

Juwan: There have actually been times where I told the producers and cameramen to cut the cameras; I’m not doing this anymore. I was genuinely creeped out, I was that scared. I get scared in almost all the episodes. We actually use humor to keep from crying. Laughter is medicine.

There was a part in the second episode where Marcus’ wife calls him during the investigation and she said something like, ‘Don’t bring those spirits back, I don’t mess with the devil.’ Being that is usually black people’s perception when dealing with spirits, how were you able to get your family on board?

Marcus: Our family knows that we are definitely into God and strong in our spiritual life and that we can handle certain things. Now we’re not arrogant [and] think that we are indestructible, but we make sure we keep ourselves covered and prayed up before and after every investigation. Our families are not opposed to it because they see exactly what we’re trying to do, which is be great in everything that we do.

Have you ever brought spirits back with you or is that even possible?

Marcus: Heck no! You know my wife don’t play those games. I can’t afford to have no….ghost babies, no side babies. My wife don’t even like a ghost saying boo, [she’ll say] ‘I’m the only one calling you boo.’ (Laughs)

Dalen: No, we haven’t brought anything back. Actually, when we first started doing ghost investigations, someone that introduced us to it told us something very great. He said anything time you get ready to leave an investigation, always tell the ghosts to stay and not follow you; they’re not welcome. You must close out every investigation with that and we’ve been doing that since we started.

Does it sometimes affect your social life i.e. dating?

Juwan: I actually had a recent incident. So, I went on a first date with this chick and we were talking and I told her I was a ghost hunter and she was like ‘wow, that’s interesting.’ Fast forward to our second date, she said that her mother said she could no longer talk to me and I was like, ‘why?’ And she said her mother was like I may be bringing back some kind of spirit and I was like, ‘I’m not gonna give you a STD, that’s not happening, I’m not gonna pass that along. Just be cool.’ (Laughs). Needless to say, we’re not talking anymore.

Will we see a movie in the future?

Marcus: You better speak those things. Put it out there! I think Ghost Brothers should have a TV movie. We’ll play each other. I’ll play Juwan, Juwan plays Dalen, Dalen plays me. (Laughs)

What advice can you give someone who may be interested in exploring the world of paranormal activity?

Dalen: Take [it] serious because when you go knocking on that door, somebody gonna open it up! So, just be careful and mindful of what you are getting yourself into.

Ghost Brothers premieres tonight 10/9c on Destination America

Photos by Bernard Smalls