Book lovers are perhaps some of the easiest people to shop for. When shopping for them, whwat’s the first thing that comes to mind? Buy them a book, right? Wrong. Switch it up this year and let them know they’re extra loved while proving that you went the extra mile to make sure they know they’re loved. Check out our gift guide for the book lover on your holiday list!

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Umbra Conceal Floating Bookshelf, Small, Silver, Set of 3, $26.44

These trendy floating bookshelves are just too cool not to purchase for that minimalistic book lover on your list. They’re ideal for your friend that hates taking up too much space plus, I mean they’re just too cool not to purchase, right?

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Wisdom Page Anchor, $8.99

This bookmark is an upgrade from that regular card stock you’re using to hold your place in your book. It keeps it open flat and allows you to read hands-free!

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Fred FINGER PRINT a handy bookmark, $11.08

If you’re someone that gets distracted easily and often lose your mark in your book, this gift is perfect and here to save the day! It will leave your mark and point at just where you left off! It even includes an elastic to strap onto your book.

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Haven Teak Bathtub Caddy, $39.99

Reading in the bath is just so relaxing. Say goodbye to wet pages because no one should have to deal with that! This makes the bath more relaxing, will allow you to read your book, and hold all your bathtub snacks.

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Book Light,Folding Book Lamp, Night Light Magicfly USB Rechargable Book Shaped Light, $26.99

This folding book lamp is so cool! It is charged with USB and is super elegant. It truly illuminates the room with a soft, comfortable light. Treat your book lover with this book because they’ll surely appreciate it.