There is nothing like a mother’s love to carry you through the good times and the bad. In fact, a mother’s love can be truly classified as; “Divine”. She teaches you your first life lessons, she is your friend, your confidant and the one who can love away all your tears and fears. She is something kind of special and something unforgettable. The month of May is dedicated for mothers and daughters, it’s a celebration of that divine connection with a very special day just for mother’s; Mother’s Day. While many are preparing dinner plans and lavish celebrations, for some it’s not as celebratory. Many deal with the loss of their best friend and while it may be a day of sadness and mourning for those who have lost their Mom, for some it’s a day for celebrating great memories and love.

Hairstylist and Hair Extension-ologist; Tyra Bradshaw aka DHairPlug learned all too early what it was like to be without that physical love from her mother; “She was my everything, she was funny and made me laugh and she pushed me to always be the best and take no mess. Losing her was major for me and my family. She is the reason I stepped out and embraced my passion for hair and becoming a business owner.” Born and raised in Miami, FL now living in Tampa, FL, DHairPlug is taking the hair industry by storm from Braids to weaves to Naturals, she is coining her name of “DHairPlug”, “I just want to be the go-to for all hair needs. Every woman loves her crown whether it’s short or long and my job is to make it look beautiful.” Starting her journey of becoming a stylist at an early age, she discovered that not only was she talented but she was gifted, “My mom always kept us reading the bible and learning about God. So I knew that doing hair for me was a gift because it was effortless. I was always doing hair and it was something that I really liked to do. So I don’t think it came as a surprise to anyone that this would be the path that I would take.”

Taking her talent north to Tampa has had her eyes set on yet another goal; “I want a hair shop. I want to come from behind the chair and own and run my own salon. I want women everywhere to come and have an enjoyable experience. My hair extension line and lash line will also be apart of the salon so it will be a one-stop shop”. Even with all the competition in her home state, Bradshaw says: “I love what I do. I’m about quality vs quantity. You can have a big clientele and not love what you do. I love being an entrepreneur working for myself and making a name for myself. When I decided to step out and start my brand, it wasn’t easy but I saw the bigger vision of women walking around in my brand, and that makes me proud. Where I come from a lot of people don’t follow their dreams and I didn’t want to be that person. It wasn’t who my mom raised me to be.” Bradshaw is a champion and has beat every odd thrown at her. She is a wife, a successful hairstylist, and businesswoman. “My mom taught me to be strong and go for everything in life that I want. Even with her being gone, I know I’m making her proud.”

All images by D’Hair Plug