Chlon Rogers (business manager/CEO Checkmate Business Management) can now add executive producer to her impressive list of accomplishments! Chlon thought of a unique way to not only brand her business Checkmate Business Management (, but to reach out to the social media generation by creating short film Ballin’ On A Budget. The film stars two of social media’s hottest commodities, Instacomic turned viable star DC Young Fly, and one of the biggest rappers on the scene today in YFN Lucci. The film chronicles two best friends and rappers who’d gotten their golden tickets out of the hood by both signing $1 million dollar contracts, respectively. While Lucci’s character invested his money into generational wealth (through the help of Checkmate Business Management), DC, lived the high life until the only thing he had left was empty liquor bottles and an even emptier wallet.

The entire short was filmed in one day and goes to show that girl power isn’t just some fabricated mantra, but indeed the real deal as Chlon had never before produced a movie, but pushed ahead and trusted the process. As a business manager Chlon and Checkmate Business Management has managed portfolio’s for record labels, athletes, musicians, as well as everyday people looking to parlay their earnings into plans for long-term wealth. Chlon’s passion is the people that she works with, stating in front of a crowded room full of her peers that she genuinely wanted to see her clients grow as their success, is her success.