Girls Trip premieres in theaters everywhere this Friday, and with anticipation of the film, critics have been ready to give their two cents. Movie critics received their first look last week we came across an interest take of this woman-forward film from Peter Debruge’s review. It was quite intriguing, to say the least.

Girls Trip is a film that is representative of successful women gaining their power back after situations in life have gotten them down and being able to enjoy themselves without judgement or comparison.  In Debruge’s review of the film, he relied a lot on comparing rather than actual analyzing of the film, for instance, he compares Tyler Perry to the director of the film, Malcolm D. Lee. Another observation he makes is with character Ryan (Regina Hall), by stating she is “like a Michelle Obama – elegant version of Oprah Winfrey”, which is honestly quite confusing. Reason being, both women are elegant in their own manner and held in high regards to many, but are two different representatives of black culture in the public eye.

Debruge’s perception of the film was entertaining, yet there is still a hope that he would view the film without the fact that is it about four African American women and preferably just as four women on vacation. Once he had that image, there was nonstop referencing to their color and associating it with stereotypes of women within the African American communities. The review would have been better suited for someone else, while Debruge’s thoughts were clear and detailed, there was a missed connection between the critic and the film. While he made sure to add his own twist to the article, it may have been slightly overboard.

According to Sheen Magazine correspondent, Mercedes Jackson, she thought “it was definitely one of Will Packer’s better black comedies!  I was pleasantly surprised by the movie, it exceeded my expectations and all four ladies definitely did the movie justice. It is a great summer comedy movie that all demographics can watch and definitely can relate”.  With that being said, you be the judge of Peter Debruge’s review, then let us know what you think. Was his word usage almost offensive? Do you think he could have taken another position on the film?

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