Best Selling Author, Elle Clarke on How She Escaped The Prison Of Rape

Rape, the very sound of the word makes people feel uncomfortable. It’s the elephant in the room in many families, and somehow it’s always perceived as the victim’s fault. I’ve always believed that it’s the silence of the victims that have given predators and society the authority to treat rape victims the way they do. Silence is great for most things but NOT in cases of abuse; there should be an outcry.

My grandmother asked me, why did I put my face in my first book How I Escaped The Prison of Rape: The Journey To Total Freedom. This book tells the story of how I was molested as a child and raped as an adult. Her concern was that people would come back and point fingers at me, and I told her that I needed to put a face to the story. Putting my face to the shame the enemy once threated to expose was my way of telling hell, I won’t be bullied. The things you continue to hide you cannot be healed from. 

Step 1: Admit

“If you want to experience freedom, you must be willing to reveal the secrets that are holding you captive”– Shirley Gattis

It may seem a little silly that I am saying to you ‘the victim’ that you need to admit what happened to you as if you didn’t know -you were there. But many who have suffered sexual and mental abuse, to admit that it happened makes the abuse real. Admitting to yourself that the abused occurred is the first step toward total freedom.

Step 2: Forgive

Forgiveness frees you from the pain of the abuse and positions you for the promise. Even though we want to hold on to the hurt, it cripples us from genuinely embracing our future.

Step 3: Faith

It was my faith in God that secured my victory. God doesn’t expect us to overcome our past in our strength but in his. 

Step 4: Process

Everything in life is a process. We must understand that during our journey to total freedom it will take time for us to be completely free. There is no time limit on you.

Step 5: Prayer

Prayer is one of our most potent weapons. Many people see prayer as a last resort, but it’s our first line of defense. Prayer God’s way will provide you the protection, peace, and prosperity you need to live. 

Step 6: Family

What we don’t know about our family can hurt us. As a child, I was molested a few times, and I never understood why. Then when I was raped as an adult, I was again asking the same question, why me? 

My mother told me sometime later that she was molested as a child by her step-father. This was a generational curse that had to be broken but instead, it was kept a secret. 

Step 7: Purpose

Why were you born? Why did you survive the abuse? The answer to this question is -purpose. God has a specific plan for all of our lives, and when you understand your purpose, you will know why you survived the tragedy. 

Step 8: Love 

Love is the cure to hate. Love is the cure for crime. Love is the cure for everything that we need, and Jesus demonstrated that on the cross because he took everything there and it was his love that proves, love covers a multitude of sins. 

Step 9: Power

God has given us the power to tread on snakes and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. The enemy can not take our power away from us, but he can trick you into believing that we have no power. 

As believers and people of God, we must use our most powerful weapons which are our mouth and the word combined to activate the power within us. We can win the war against our minds, our souls, families, finances, health if we would only speak to the mountains in our lives. It’s time to activate the power within!

This feature was submitted by Elle Clarke

Elle Clarke is the C.E.O. of Elle Clarke Media Group LLC. She is Bestselling Author, a Motivational Speaker, Editor of I AM QUEEN Magazine and the Founder of I Am Queen Ministry.