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We all love coffee. Well, many of us do. We brew this delectable bean every morning to get our day started but here’s an interesting twist on our favorite pick-me-upper, it’s also great for the skin. And one company is tapping into this magical plant to combat dark spots, stretch marks and more!

Meet Glam Body LLC.

This brand offers an array of natural and caffeinated products. According to co-owner Charise Williams, the inspiration for the skincare line is a recipe created by her late grandmother, who was originally from the coast of Africa to treat her and her family members’ skin issues like eczema and dry skin.

“Not too many people know about coffee scrubs. I don’t think [coffee] has been introduced properly.
Unless you’re from the continent of Africa, I don’t think many women of color know.”
–  Co-owner of Glam Body LLC, Charise Williams

Coffee, which is a natural diuretic and constrictor has the ability to boost skin’s appearance by flushing toxins and unnecessary waste, and tightening the skin for a more youthful glow. One of the Ivory Coast’s most notable exports, Williams asserts was a staple in her family, who have suffered from problematic skin diseases.

“We have eczema really bad and we were on all kinds of steroids that made us sick and
only provide temporary relief. We were suffering personally and we
saw other companies and we weren’t happy with them.”

The product’s transformative abilities mixed with the brand’s friend-next-door vibes have garnered a devoted fan base online, who swear by the product. One of which, is reality TV star Tami Roman, who publicly urged her followers on Instagram to use the product as a way to achieve “soft and supple skin.”

‘We’ve gotten great feedback. We’ve gotten hundreds of DMs,”

What makes the products so powerful are their all-natural ingredients that work together to combat even the most troublesome skin issues. For example, according to Williams, simply exfoliating with their Pink Grapefruit Coffee Scrub three times a week has the power to lighten dark spots, even skin tone and enhance the overall appearance of skin. Curated with Vitamin E, Arabic Coffee and more all-natural ingredients, this product renders results that are impossible to ignore.

“Your skin will literally glow!”

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