The Andrew Young International Leadership Awards took place at Philips Arena on Saturday, June 3rd. Founder and chair, Ambassador Andrew J. Young recognized exceptional individuals whose activism, philanthropy and leadership are transforming lives throughout the global community; and celebrated his 85th birthday alongside major politicians, influencers, and stars such as; former vice president Joe Biden, Ron Clark, Wyclef Jean, Meelah (702), Terri. J. Vaughn, Latavia Roberson (Destiny’s Child), Bu (Konvict Muzik), and Host Anthony Anderson. The night was filled with elegance and amazing talent and performances from Estelle, Jill Scott, and Usher. Andrew J. Young has inspired and uplifted so many people on a small and larger platform that has legacy and hard work has inspired an entire generation.

Sheen Correspondent, Jelisa Cook on the red carpet

Andrew J. Young is an American politician, diplomat, activist, and previous Mayor of the city of Atlanta. Whether it was Young’s determination to become apart of congress after his initial defeat, or Young becoming the first African-American to serve as an ambassador to the United Nations, and eventually landing the position as Mayor of the city of Atlanta; his tenacity and passion to serve the community and people has made a mark in history that cannot be erased. This weekend Andrew Young celebrated his 85th birthday during the “Andrew Young International Leadership Awards”.