Television personality, entrepreneur, and author Rah Ali is admired by millions across the world for her realness and upbeat personality. What most people don’t know is that Ali lost her daughter this past May and is just learning to grieve the loss and heal properly. We caught up with Rah Ali to discuss her story, her partnership with National Share, and receive her best advice.

Tell us about your partnership with National Share.

National Share is basically an infant loss support foundation. It’s for anyone who has experienced the tragic loss of a baby. They have about 75 chapters and they are in 29 states I believe it is. The focus is to bring attention to the 1 in 4 pregnancies that end in loss and to lend support to mothers and families who have to deal with that and cope with it.

Why is bringing awareness to pregnancy loss and prevention so important to you?

Well, having been in the unfortunate situation and having the support from fans, friends, and family was really helpful. I felt like it was important to let people know that this happens often and to see what we can do collectively to minimize that. I wanted to also help women of color because we suffer the most from it. I just wanted to be the lending hand.

What advice would you give our readers who may have gone through the same thing you did?

I would definitely say, don’t try to bottle things up. Express and talk about how you’re feeling. Talk to whoever you can, even if its a support group if you may not have a strong support system. Ultimately for me, I would say that speaking about it regularly helped my day to day progress

Tell us what can expect to see from Rah Ali in the future.

Right now, I’m focused very much on my radio show. I’m going to be doing some events in the near future that I will announce at the appropriate time to bring awareness and support to women who had the same experience as well. And of course, the shoes, I will continue to work on the brand!

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All images by Leon Dash