Music lovers from around the world are very familiar with the eight-time Grammy-nominated, Super Saxophonist, Gerald Albright. Although he loves playing his horn, his first love is a lovely woman who shares the same first letter of his name, and his birthdate—his gorgeous and talented wife, Glynis. When you pair great food with great music, you get an intensely interesting and unforgettable experience. You also get a powerful couple and a dynamic duo, who are sharing their talents across the oceans.

While supporting Gerald’s efforts as a musician throughout the years, Glynis’ history as an incredible gourmet cook did not go unnoticed. Since she was a child, Glynis was drawn to the creativity of cooking and baking. By the time she reached ten, her parents’ kitchen became a place where she would cook and bake a variety of desserts for her family to enjoy. As her creativity continued to grow well into her college years—she happily made waffles, pancakes, crêpes, and French toast for her friends. Even after Glynis and Gerald got married, waffles became their main meal for dinner due to the young couples tight budget. Glynis has always possessed a nurturing nature, and by 2008, family, friends, acquaintances, celebrities, and government officials were coming from all over the world to have a taste of Glynis’ famous fried chicken, waffles, and many other foods at the Albright home. Comments would continuously circulate about how gifted she was and questions were often asked about why she hadn’t opened a restaurant of her own.

As someone who has been diagnosed with a rare blood disease, she understood the importance of creating food with health in mind. Constantly directing her purpose and staying true to her dreams, Glynis eventually came out with Just Sweet Enough, a line of delicious products such as her popular Sweet Potato Poundcake, Cookie Dots and much more. Still desiring to reach even higher heights, she went back to school and earned a Ph.D. in Natural Health/Food Science, so that she could deliver high-quality products and share her knowledge of nutrition with others. Her culinary skills and background in nutrition were highly sought after and for good reason. She was approached by talk shows, The Food Network, cruise lines and a variety of organizations, who were all seeking her out in order to share her amazing culinary skills and nutritional expertise.

Glynis’ Kitchen Sets Sail

As a way for musicians and jazz enthusiasts to congregate and enjoy great music together, Saxophonist Dave Koz has been hosting his annual Dave Koz & Friends Jazz Cruises since 2005. Gerald Albright has been performing on these fun-filled voyages for many years and says, “It’s a fun, festive and a well-organized celebration. It’s one of my favorite cruises and the best party at sea.” The upcoming cruise in March will mark the fifth Dave Koz and Friends Jazz Cruise for the lovely couple. Their very first one was back in 2013 when they sailed to Rome, Italy. Glynis happily recalls her experience by saying, “It was over the top!! I had never been to Rome Italy. Seeing all the history was amazing.”

People come from far and wide to be a part of the Dave Koz & Friends Jazz Cruises. While sailing the friendly seas, many come to enjoy the variety of excursions the ship offers. When Glynis and Gerald were asked to help coordinate a few activities on the cruise, Glynis immediately stepped up and offered to do a cooking show. Dave Koz fell in love with the idea because on previous occasions, he kept asking her to make her delicious signature waffles, so it worked out perfectly!

On her first Dave Koz and Friends Jazz Cruise in 2013, she chose to make, Sweet Potato Latkes. As a decorous and well-intentioned person, Glynis decided to incorporate a little bit of Dave’s culture with her own historical influences from New Orleans. They were a hit and people were coming back for more—so much so, that the kitchen had to provide her with ingredients to make additional servings!

As Glynis and Gerald prepare for the next cruise, taking place from March 24—March 31, 2019, patrons are also preparing their tastebuds for the tantalizing food from Glynis’ Kitchen! This year, her cuisine will be part of the menu offerings on two eight-day runs on the majestic MS Noordam Australia. They’ll be going to Sydney, then Tasmania, Melbourne, Eden, and lastly, Newcastle. Glynis’ Kitchen is all the rave and no matter what part of the world one is in, people are known to stand in line anticipating the chance to experience her culinary masterpieces. The patient, but very excited diners on the cruise, don’t mind waiting at all. It’s well worth it once their food is plated and they’re able to sit down and enjoy all of the deliciousness. From diners with a sweet tooth to those who’d like to sink their choppers into Glynis’ famous fried chicken—there will be something for everyone to savor.

The power couple does a whole lot of things well, but, above everything else, nothing is bigger than their love for each other and their mutual respect for what they’re both passionate about. As memory scans the past, both Gerald and Glynis talk about their favorite moments sailing across the seas. Gerald notes, with particular pleasure, how he feels about Glynis and her craft, “She makes me beam and for the cruises to see this side of Glynis makes me feel so proud of her. It’s always been about the Albright family, and now she’s shining and flourishing with her own business.” Glynis pours her heart and soul into keeping her family happy and is always proud to support Gerald. She lovingly expressed, “I’m still in awe of him, Gerald has a way of taking you on a journey when he performs. He tells a story and takes the listener through just about every genre of music when he improvises. It’s remarkable to watch and experience. Sometimes, I can see that he has totally left the stage and his spirit is someplace else. It’s beautiful.” Reflections such as these, are testimony to how bonded they are not only as a couple but as a team—and they’re winning!

People in every community want to feel valued and Glynis takes the time and effort to value all of her interactions. In life, it’s often the little things that people remember the most because they will eventually grow into big things in their hearts. On a noble and commanding scale—her creations are fit to stand the gaze of millions, and when they are tasted, one will certainly understand why she’s America’s Waffle Queen. It’s Not Just Chicken And Waffles—It’s An Experience.

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