The highly celebrated and multitalented Issa glows from the inside out, and is known for her luminous skin both onscreen and off. To ensure she is red-carpet ready, makeup artist Joanna Simkin has used her new best kept secret for Issa’s prep – Vaseline® Intensive Care® Cocoa Radiant® Smoothing Body Butter. Made with 100% pure cocoa butter, its rich and silky texture melts into skin, making it a key product to achieving that red-carpet glow.




“Red Carpet Ready” Beauty Tips by Celebrity Makeup Artist, Joanna Simkin



Tip #1: For an all-over glow this award season, exfoliate in a lukewarm (not hot) shower using a loofah or exfoliating gloves. Pat (don’t rub) dry and immediately apply Vaseline® Intensive Care® Cocoa Radiant® Smoothing Body Butter – its 100% pure cocoa butter ingredient is key to maintaining skin hydrated and glowing, all day and night.




Tip #2: For a smooth, flake-free lip that looks amazing on the red carpet, apply a moisturizing lip balm before your shower. Use a washcloth or old toothbrush in circular motions to exfoliate lips, then apply another layer while applying face moisturizer. Allow it to soak in while doing your face. After makeup is done, softly blot remaining product from lips and apply even the most matte lip colors with no flakes or dryness.



Tip #3: For a beautiful, highlighted sheen that isn’t glittery, rub a small amount of Vaseline original jelly between palms and press onto high points of the face: cheekbones, bridge of nose, cupid’s bow, and arches of eyebrows. Light will reflect for luminous skin that isn’t overly made up. (This is also a great base to add more shimmery highlight on top of – and make it stick. Apply a powder highlight over the areas with Vaseline jelly for added reflection!



Tip #4: The perfect angle for winged liner is the natural angle of your bottom eye waterline. Imagine you were drawing a line from inside your waterline and follow that angle out to create the most flattering cat-eye customized to your eye shape. Use a business card to help direct the line and keep it straight.