As a lifelong writer, Gracia Rich began using her talents at a young age to express herself through journaling; This would eventually evolve into poetry, short stories, and novels.  She now uses her gift to empower and inspire women around the world to overcome obstacles, heal and thrive in their own passions.

What are some current projects you are working on?

I have currently completed a devotional book that is comprised of a series of writings that I have done over the last four years.  It is a book that I feel can be enjoyed by everyone because it deals with many of the choices we face in our daily lives.  I am also working on my novel, Sometimes I Cry, which is due to be released this winter.  It is about the several stages of a woman’s life and how she overcomes. 

Where do I find creative inspiration and motivation?

I find creative inspiration and motivation in living.  Life itself is filled with inspiration.  I meet people every day and most of the time, just in casual conversation, I am inspired.  We are all a network of stories and you would be surprised at the people or places that you may find your greatest inspiration.  I am motivated by the sheer belief that I can help someone.  That something I have gone through or experienced can help someone else who has gone through the same thing and is struggling to deal with it, or in the opposite sense serve as an example of a situation that one should not find themselves in.  I have no problem being an example of either, as long as it helps someone in a positive way. 

Tell us about The Broken Dolls Initiative. 

The Broken Dolls Initiative is a company I founded whose sole goal is to help women who are survivors realize that they can overcome.  Experiencing any type of trauma is devastating, and surviving to lead a full life is sometimes even harder.  I know because I have experienced several traumas from sexual and physical abuse to the devastating loss of a child, but I have survived.  And not only survived but overcome.  Many women are just surviving, while not understanding that they can go on to do much more with their lives.  That they can serve as mentors for the next generation or even for the older generations who have lived with the shame for years, afraid to even speak about it.  My goal is to show them that everything that they’ve been through has served a purpose and that purpose can be put to use.  We are beautifully broken and we have the capacity to heal and help so many people. It’s a heart work for me. 

Why is empowering women through mentorship important to you?

Empowering women through mentorship is important to me because I feel that women become what they see.  Women need other women to relate to, to encourage them, to inspire them.  As a woman growing up, I had my mother, my grandmothers, my godmother, my aunt, and many other female role models to teach me. To show me what being a positive, productive, empowering woman looked like. Many women do not have that female circle, but they desire it.  It is necessary for our growth as women.  We need that sisterhood, that connection.  I feel that so many more women could be living the life of their dreams if they just had the right team. If they received that positive reinforcement from other women they would take the chances that would change their lives.  When they don’t have that, they stifle and become complacent in the lives that they are living. I want women to show up and show out. 

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