In today’s world, it’s no surprise that social media has become a great tool in the business world for many people. While it’s important to maintain those foundational principles of your business, one thing most people often forget is that self-care is an important factor in the success of your business as well.

Studies have proven that stress is linked to leading causes of death in our country! In an effort to change that dynamic and help others, Alyssa Hogan is introducing the world to new techniques and services to bring the negative aspects in your stress to an end.

Hogan will be hosting the First Annual Mind, Business, & Soul Retreat in Orlando, Florida on September 27th, 2019. The retreat is a three-day, two-night treat which will offer a variety of business and branding strategists, wellness specialist, a private chef, and much more!

In creating this event, Hogan’s main goal is to have her attendees focus on creating a plan to further grow their businesses. The workshops throughout the retreat will focus on opportunities and challenges in which a business owner can focus on their vision while receiving input from other business people. Hogan describes this retreat as a chance for people to reach the “Next Level Success.”

“This event is designed to give guests invaluable success tools they can incorporate into their business,” explains the Mind, Business, & Soul Retreat founder, Business Strategist Alyssa Hogan of Alyssa A. Hogan Enterprise.

Hogan added, “This retreat was created for the busy but not-as-productive-as-I-want-to-be entrepreneurs in mind who are looking for new inspiration, strategies, and tools that will take them to ‘Next Level Success’ and beyond.”

“I am grateful to bring this amazing event to our community,” said Alyssa.

Not only is the Mind, Business, & Soul Retreat dedicated in helping others raise their level of success in business, but she is woman who is truly passionate about helping others succeed in life, in general.

Coleen Otero, Shannon N. Davis, and Wyetta Ford, respected professionals, leaders and business owners will join Alyssa in this retreat and share their knowledge with attendees.

Tickets to the retreats range from Day Passes of $100 to retreat stay at $897 for couples in business include all workshops, activities, food and beverages throughout the day, cocktails & conversations by the pool, and all gourmet meals prepared by a private chef. Spots are limited and expected to sell out.

This year’s Mind, Business, & Soul Retreat presenting “Next Level Success” strategies and tools takes place on Friday-Sunday, September 27th-29th at a private luxury villa in Orlando, FL.

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All images by Brian Maurice with Indigenous Design Branding | all information and images provided by Alyssa Hogan