Songstress Tamika Scott has reemerged o the music scene with the 90s girls group, Xscape. This time around is very different for Tamika. Being a mother, wife, business owner, and beloved celebrity changes how she navigates the music game. With her first priority being her family – her music label, Brolic Entertainment, is a close second – Tamika’s drive for success is stronger than ever.

We see it all the time, celebrity children cracking under the pressure of their parent’s stardom. However, there are the chosen few who bloom under the guidance of their famous parents, using their advice and experiences to navigate the industry. Young Niyah, Tamika’s daughter, exemplifies one of the chosen few. She is an emerging rapper and the first artist on Brolic Entertainment.

Young Niyah trusts that her lyricism will propel her to the top. “I am enjoying this because when you’re the first artist all the attention is on you. There is pressure because they are trying different things to see how it works. I want to set the tone for anyone else who wants to sign. If you come on you’ll be taken care of. It’s a lot of hard work. You have to be ready for it.”

So what is it like growing up Xscape? Well, we have the deets for you.


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Featured Image: Quadir Thomas