In the January/February issue of SHEEN, we discovered the differences between hair grease and natural hair oils. The majority of been through the “tight ponytails with Blue Magic” phase but should we have neglected the teachings our mothers bestowed on us?





Hair grease has been used for a very long time and many women swear by “water and grease” to keep their hair manageable. Hair grease was also used as a heat protectant long before Chi came on the scene. But hair grease has also been known to give hair a stringy, weighed down look that only shampoo can restore. Most hair greases also don’t include the best ingredients.







Natural oils have become wildly popular with many coconut oil lovers proclaiming they use it on everything, but most importantly on their precious mane. There has been some talk that coconut oil can leave your hair dryer sooner than later while others love the benefits.




So which one is for you? The question is still up for debate! For more information on the difference between hair grease and hair oils and product suggestions, check out the January/February issue of SHEEN on stands now. You can also buy your copy or subscription here.