The hairstylist and author on summer hair trends and #WhatPrinceTaughtUs.

The brilliant hair artist Kim Berry has been in the industry for quite some time, creating looks for an array of people including her legendary client and friend The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, who will forever be remembered as an iconic artist and for the magnificence of his tresses. We caught up with the new author and hairstylist legend to ask her about what it was like working with The High Priest of Pop and of course to acquire some of her hairstylist wisdom.

How is hairstyling a form of artistry?

To me, hairstyling is like painting on a blank canvas. The creation process is limitless. Clients are putting their hears and heads in your hands to step their game up. You hold the clay in your hand like a potter. To see a client stand up with their shoulders back, because you’ve restored their confidence or enhanced their zhuzh, it brings me great joy as an artist!

What’s it like having multiple creative passions?

It’s amazing! Being an author, influencer, and beauty expert, it keeps me grinding to constantly stay in front of the curve, and shapes what I have and will do with the time between my birth and departure from this earth.


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