When you are destined for something, all of the right doors will open. Tracey Moss defines her dream, one fantastic hairstyle at a time!

By the way of Miami, FL and Georgia transplant Tracey Moss has been articulating her hair genius for over twenty years. Tracey’s career spans across the realms of music videos, education, theater, print, and salon ownership. Led by passion and devotion, Tracey continues to reinvent herself and career, using trendsetting approaches to ensure everyone knows she’s #heretostay.

During high school, Tracey began doing hair, and the “American dream” put her unacknowledged calling on a slight hold, “ I wanted to go to college – and I did that, I went to an HBCU. I went to Morris Brown College and got a degree in business administration, then to Clark Atlanta University and I studied human resources. [After attending] I was being interviewed and [getting offered] entry-level jobs. My mom always knew that I should have gone the hair route. I [finally] went to hair school, followed my passion, and birthed the gift. Doors started opening. The goals I set, I started accomplishing and doing so many things. Hair was my calling.


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