Instead of having the “What if I fail?” mindset, Kenniqua “Nuk” Jones, the owner of Salon 215 Elite and Founder of ECYAJ Hair Care, is promoting the mindset of “What if I win?”

The Do It Scared Experience provides a platform for you to network and expand your tribe while also gaining additional tools for success. Do It Scared encourages entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners while letting them know that sometimes you’ve just got to DO IT SCARED. “Doing It Scared” acknowledges that we are all afraid of something but we make a conscious decision to go for it anyway.

Last Monday, they hosted their 2nd annual event, which featured celebrity guest speaker Tanya Scott, CEO of Life Body Naturals and reality TV star of Lifetime’s Little Women Atlanta. — Also featuring guest speaker Timeesha Duncan, Award-winning marketing and branding specialist.

Guests were given networking assignments upon their arrival and asked to carry out ice-breakers that would normally be scary to some. — People laughed, learned and exchanged information, while others utilized the Makeup and Photography services that were available for businesses owners who needed updated headshots.

The entire experience was a hit! — and most importantly, Nuk provided a platform for beauty industry professionals to connect and unite in a positive, growth-friendly environment. Typically what is known to be a highly competitive field of professionals, was seen here as an uplifting and supportive community at the Do It Scared Experience.

After speaking with a few of her guests, we quickly learned that Nuk is known for her trailblazing spirit, with goals that involve love and empowerment amongst business owners. As a result of her diligence and courage to Do It Scared herself, she has come to be surrounded by her heavy support system, known socially as #NukNation!

All images by Don Clark Photography