Being an influencer is no easy task. Imagine being a full-time influencer on top of being a mother, wife, and running your own business. Well, Hannah Ayegbusi does it all and while doing so, she’s remained humble and graceful in all that she achieves. The young influencer started her channel to discuss what it was like dealing with depression and life and the single life. But now, Hannah has evolved just like her story, found love, and became a mother! Join us as we got to know Hannah Ayegbusi!

What has life been like for you since becoming a mother?

Life since becoming a mother has been BUSY! In one day there is a lot to get through emotionally and physically, such caring for my son and still getting on with my day to to activities. 

How is it juggling being a mother, wife, all while running your own business?

It’s not the easiest task life has thrown at me but I would say it is rewarding because I am flexible to have my son around my business when it really calls for it. 

What has becoming a mother taught you about yourself?

Motherhood has taught me a whole heap of things but the lesson that stands out to me the most, is to just get on with things when you can, time is precious and needs to be utilized. Every minute every moment should be used productively even if it is to rest because you won’t get time back. 

You documented your journey to becoming a wife. How do you believe you all have progressed over a year as a couple?

This year has taught us that we go through things to make us stronger, and that’s how we are choosing to look at any obstacle or even blessing thrown at us, it is there to bring us closer together and make us stronger. 

Sheen Magazine is the Ultimate Beauty Guide for the Modern Day Woman, do you mind sharing what your holy grail products are? 

I love Shea Butter for hair and skin.

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