Award-winning newscaster, Harris Faulkner’s Outnumbered Overtime has been hitting a major stride for the last two months. We’ve welcomed her into our homes on television over the span of her successful career and can’t help but fall for her contagious smile and charming personality. This past August, Faulkner’s Outnumbered Overtime delivered 1.3 million viewers and 209,000 with A25-54! The program itself is also one of the top-rated programs in all of cable television at that hour! In addition to being a successful anchor, she mentors millennials daily and encourages a diverse workplace. When it comes to breaking barriers and making waves in this industry, Harris is a pro! We sat down with the Emmy award-winning anchor to talk about her journey thus far, her best-selling book, and much more!

Tell us about yourself. What made you want to get into the news world and become an anchor?

My personal headlines are Curious, Confident and Passionate.  That’s what steers me in my journalism adventure.  With each breaking news story, every interview and talk show I co-host, my curiosity drives me to ask tough questions and ones that I believe the audience wants answers to.   Working with my teams across the two-weekday shows I anchor and co-host, my confidence shines through because as a newsroom leader I must inspire those around me to bring their best to the table to make compelling and memorable TV.  And, finally, without passion in my heart for my job, what would be the point?  I could go do something easier with better hours!  But, that’s not even an option because I believe my gifts have made room for me in an industry that is shark-like competitive and important to the national conversations about the most important topics of our time. 

Tell us about your back-to-back live hours of being a co-anchor of Outnumbered and the solo anchor of Outnumbered Overtime.

Outnumbered is a spirited talk show that is produced to be nimble enough to handle live events and news.  I helped to design the show from the beginning.  Although, my original show pitch was for a five-person panel of journalists and opinion guests (mostly women) across the Noon hour, the title and concept of putting a male guest in the center, evolved above my head.  I love the format and the opportunity to use my news chops when big news happens in the middle of our talk show.

Outnumbered Overtime organically grew at the start of the show because viewers told us in social media and the ratings, quite frankly, that they wanted MORE!  I came up with Overtime for our show to pop up online when the TV version of us wrapped up. Fans would see me in airports or at the shopping mall with the web show’s battle cry:  OT BABY! After three plus years of success my web show became a TV show with more newsmakers and breaking stories than ever.  The opinion that we delve into at noon, gets a fresh perspective and fact-filled drum beat at 1pm Eastern.

You have earned six Emmy awards for your outstanding work! How would you describe your journey to success?

My parents used to tell me persistence will take you farther than perfection ever could.  As a 20- something early in my career, it was hard to let go of my desire to do things just-right for TV.  But, I did.  Those awards and ratings and other success came when I decided to deploy a sure-fire tactic:  Never.  Give.  Up.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your bet-selling book, 9 Rules of Engagement: A Military Brat’s Guide to Life and Success.

It was a promise kept to my mom, as she was passing away of fourth stage lung cancer, in November 2016.  She told me to know and tell my story better than anyone else’s.  My story is one of dynamic parents and military upbringing.  My dad was an Army combat pilot, who served two tours in Vietnam.  We were stationed from Germany to Kansas in my youth.  From those years, I learned to be resilient in the face of constant change.  My 9 Rules of Engagement are actually the actions and mindset, which my wartime dad and officer’s wife mom, taught me.

Lessons like Rule #1:  RECRUIT YOUR SPECIAL FORCES.  I tell readers that one thing every serviceman and –woman knows if that you can’t go it alone in war.  I often compare everyday life to navigating a minefield of negativity and challenges.  You need a special team to attack the obstacles between you and your dreams. It’s the first place I tell people to start, when rearranging your life for success.  If you have haters and doubters around you, victory is hard to come by.  Nations know this.  That’s why they develop allies. 

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

Going to put my fierce work ethic and Faulkner focus on prime time specials and more…  Maybe a podcast… hmmm.  But, only if there’s something I can bring to a national conversation that captivates.  I respect and know how precious each person’s time is, so when I broadcast or write a book or op-ed, I try to make it count for the viewer or reader.

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Featured Image Courtesy of Fox News Channel