The winter season is in full effect, and if your notion of a date night is Netflix and chill, then you and your bae could be missing out on some pretty creative dating activities this season. Rather than hibernate in front of the television, bundle up, get out of the house and fight the frostiness with these three hot and sexy ideas to for winter romance.

Play in the Snow

Who said playing outside is just for kids? Well, it’s not. When there are inches of snow on the ground, you and your honey can take full advantage and make some lasting funny memories making snowmen or having a good ole snow fight.

Game Night

When it’s too cold to go out, bring the party in with game night. Invite other couples over and add in your favorite glass of wine to make it a night of friendly competition and laughter.

Get Cabin Fever

Instead of venturing down south to beat the cold, cut yourselves off from the rest of the world and rent a lake house or cabin for the weekend. Turn off your electronics, take a break from social media and really get cozy with your significant other.