Nefertiti is the CEO of Beautiful One Inc. and Beautiful One Has Come Inc. which was designed to help people with personal development as well as business development. Nefertiti specializes in helping brand new startups and small businesses to assist them in making their unique thumbprint in the business world. The Beautiful One Has Come Inc. been the Not for Profit part of her business designed to mentor, train, empower young women to know who they are, to be proud of their talents, and Be Beautiful! Nefertiti also serves as the COO for the nonprofit called Wife Talk Inc., where they encourage, uplift, and Inspire Engaged and Married Women across the Country.

Tell us about your business(s).

I currently have two businesses. My first one for 5 years is Beautiful One Travels LLC it is a full-service travel agency, and my pride and joy Beautiful One Inc. which is a small business coaching business to help new entrepreneurs launch their business on a solid foundation. I also work with entrepreneurs that are looking to level up their business.

How was your business birthed? Walk us through the process.

After I could not do my original passion of being a Fire Fighter/EMT for over 15 years then I was diagnosed with Lupus and all of that went away for me. I needed to provide for my son and I wanted to create a life for myself and family. I wanted to place my thumbprint in the world and create a legacy. When I became the student under Lisa Nichols and the Motivating the Masses Campus she told us that someone needs our story and our gifts and that is when my first book Finding Your Beautiful was birthed and one year later my company Beautiful One Has Come Inc. was birthed.

We know that entrepreneurship is not all glamour. Tell us about your challenges and how you’ve overcome them.

My greatest challenge has been getting out of my own way and focus. When I first got into business I had many ideas and I was working to launch them all, every time I had a great idea I would create it all the way out and try to work it. I was not working my business I was letting my business work me. I had to realize that they are probably good ideas but not for right now, but to master what I do best and focus on what I was graced in versus working to launch the world (laughs) but just work the business that I knew was my Niche.

What new programs are you working on?

I just launched a new program called I Just Got Up Inc. Some times when people are starting business or growing in their career they can’t fully operate in the best version of themselves because they are still dealing with issue basically they stuff. I Just Got Up LLC will give them the tools and resources to walk out their blocks they have and to elevate they mindset to show them once you have walked out life situations all it takes for you is to Get Up!

What would the Nefertiti of today tell the younger Nefertiti?

I would tell myself that it is OK to fail and to enjoy life when the hard times come and though it may be hard when you start hitting rough patches in your life keep your head up and you are destined for greatness that it is part of your process. Know that you are Beautiful no matter what YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

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All images by Jackson Leonard Photography