Hairstylist LaVoughn

Mr. LaVoughn and the crew at Salon LaVoughn love to style hair with a bit of spice so that their clients are always on fleek and red carpet ready.

“I have always wanted to make people feel better about themselves,” said Mr. LaVoughn, the owner of the salon. “It began at a young age when I began to love fashion and different hairstyles and experiment with different hair colors.”

The first hairstyle Mr. LaVoughn can remember doing and being proud of was the finger waves. He and his family lived in a four-bedroom apartment and when his older brother moved out, his mom gave him permission to do hair in the extra room and it was during the time finger waves were popular.

Years later, he created his own shop, Salon LaVoughn International, which was recently featured in the March/April 2016 edition of Black Hair, making his salon the only one in Connecticut to be featured. Mr. LaVoughn was also nominated in 2015 and 2016 for best hairdresser of the year at the CT Fashion Awards.

Mr. LaVoughn is proud of his accomplishments, but his ultimate goal is to open a training class for youth who are interested in cosmetology.

How long have you actually been doing hair?

I have been doing hair for nearly 21 years. I went to school for it. I have worked in a salon with a partnership for about 16 years and I branched off and opened up my own salon. Fortunately, I was able to participate in six hair shows and I saved enough money to open up the salon.

Have you ever styled any celebrities hair?

Yes, I have had the pleasure of styling gospel legend Shirley Cesar’s hair. Styling a celebrity’s hair was a different experience for me. I think when you are working with a celebrity; you have to be a very balanced and patient person because celebrities tend to have a very high demand. Another one of my favorite artists to work with was another gospel singer named Maurette Brown Clark. It was very nice to work with her! 

Who are some stylists that inspire you or ones you would call your favorite?

Some of my favorite famous stylists are Johnny Wright, who is the hairstylist for Michelle Obama, Andre Walker (hairstylist for Oprah), and makeup artist Derrick Rutledge, who is the makeup artist for Oprah.

Women often suffer from excessive frizz in the summer months. What are some tips you have that may help with controlling hair frizz?


Personally, I would give them a conditioning treatment with silicon, rinse that out with an aqua mist treatment. After the hair is not so damp, use a light oil for the cuticles, but I admit it is easier said than done!

 Letting go of chemicals and becoming natural has become a big trend in the past years. While transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, what are some things you suggest one do to keep down the tangles (and the two mixtures of the hair)?

Well let me first say natural hair is not for everybody! You have to prepare and be ready for natural hair! Honestly, you can have chemically treated hair and still have amazingly healthy hair. You still should go through the same procedures and take just as much time on natural hair as you would with chemically treated hair. Natural hair has become a trend and I think that it has done so because with natural hair, you can play with colors like hues of platinum and blues and different styles and up-dos and just be versatile!

Also during the summer, many people don’t want their hair to become super dry and brittle so they tend to apply grease and oil. Can your hair actually ever become too greasy or oily?

Yes, of course, I always recommend a hot oil treatment [so] you don’t have to use too much hair oil. You can use either Argan oil or Tea Tree oils. The hot oil treatments help to hydrate and penetrate the hair in the hair shaft.

Should you wash your hair more often during the summer months than the others?

Not necessarily, if you are treating your hair properly you shouldn’t have to wash your hair anymore than usual because excessive washing can also dry the hair out.

During the summer, many go swimming or to the beach. How bad are these activities for your hair?

Well, the chlorine and added substances in the water can actually be very bad for the hair if left in for a long period of time. You have to make sure that you wash your hair out completely because if not, those substances can fry your hair. To avoid this from happening, you can keep your hair covered with a shower cap. In addition to washing your hair, be sure to condition it for about 15 minutes following.


Let’s talk a little bit about dying and coloring the hair. The summer is a time when most people like to experiment with different colors and styles. What is the correct process to coloring your hair?

I think the color is wonderful, especially during the summer! You have to find what color looks best [on] you. Look at the color, know the pigment, once you have the complete consultation with your stylist, color is good. Just make sure to maintain a color treatment, so your hair does not dry out from it.

Some areas that women have issues with are usually around the temple and nape area. Do you know of any particular ways to increase the health and growth in these specific areas?

Now this is a tricky one because some of those could be coming from within. What I mean by that is, it could [be] genetics or hereditary. It could also be because of an illness or because of a prescribed medicine from a physician that causes hair loss. If these problems do occur, it is ok to use a temple and nape growth cream, but I would recommend consulting with your doctor.

What are some popular hairstyles for the summer?

It will be a lot of short cuts with color. I’m sure we’ll see a ton of pixie cuts, razor cuts and classic bobs. The styles will be a lot fuller and edgier. Of course women are going to continue to wear the weaves with coils, natural styles and even protective styles like the two strand twists.

What vitamins are best to keep the hair from breaking?

Here at the salon, we only suggest taking a hair, skin, and nails vitamin for our clients. This vitamin can be purchased at your local GNC store or local drug store. We don’t recommend any vitamin that we haven’t used or tested because there could possibly be side effects.

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