Smoky eyes have been a makeup staple for decades — nay, centuries. But lately, we’ve grown tired of the typical blacks and grays we see time and time again. This burgundy eye shadow look (a favorite among celebs) is a fun way to mix things up, while still looking neutral. Check out the step-by-step breakdown below and press play on the video above to try it yourself.
Step 1. After sweeping on eyelid primer, pat a warm matte brown eyeshadow all over your lid and along lower lashline.
Step 2. Smudge a matte burgundy eyeshadow onto your upper and lower lashlines using a dense brush. Be sure to focus the majority of the pigment along your lash line — this will provide the most definition.
Step 3. Blend the edges of your eyeshadow with a clean eyeshadow brush.
Step 4. Highlight your inner corners with a champagne eyeshadow.