Some people know their chosen calling early in life. Some choose the road not usually taken. Hermanie Pierre is one of the youngest Civil Engineers who worked on major projects in Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama.

Hermanie is the personification of beauty and brains because in addition to her beauty pageant honors, she is a passionate children’s advocate! She has a list of accolades that stretches for miles!

When Hermanie sets aside her engineer hard hat and boots, she inspires people through her motivational speeches. She believes strongly in giving back. That is why she also volunteers and is called upon to be a motivational speaker with countless organizations, and takes part in philanthropic activities. You name it, she’s part of it: The Nashville Habitat for Humanity, NSBE Arkansas Alumni Extension President; Advisor and Public Relations Director for Little Piece of Heaven Foundation, Board Member and Spokesperson for Haitian Organizations Health Services (HOHS), Advocate for Go Red for Women, Former President, Vice President Membership and Former Governor area of for Little Rock Toastmasters International.

Who is Hermanie at her core?

Hermanie is a child of God, a nature lover, a Philanthropist, a woman that is very empathic towards others pain and will move mountain to bring joy to their life. At the same time, she is an engineer, an entrepreneur, and an international motivational speaker.

Why are you so passionate about helping others?

Because I want to leave a legacy behind. We are all on this earth for one reason to accomplish our mission and to live within our purpose. My mission to elevate others and my purpose are to Uplift, Inspire and Motivate others. I find happiness in helping others by either helping them remove blockage and distraction that holding them back. Regardless it is by buying a struggle family a car. Paying school for unfortunate kids so they can have a better tomorrow or simply listen to others when they need to vent.

Tell us about your business

Women say” pageant is not for me; I am not tall enough. I am too big. I don’t have blue eyes and so much more” I realize it is not those women fault to believe those brainwash myths is because they don’t understand they are multiple type of pageant systems, just like we have multiple type of car models. You have to find the one that suit you best. Some systems are looking for models. Come on do you really have to be a model to make difference in the world, seriously! The Haiti/Tennessee/ Florida and my other sister directors within the International system. We could care less what your physical beauty is, what we want is a girl/woman that shine within. You are as beautiful as your heart. If you are a woman/lady that always have a dream to share your story, regardless it is about sexual abuse or your love for pets and you want the world to hear your story. Reach out to me @misshaitiintlus

What’s next for Hermanie personally?

Continue to grow up spiritually, continue to find my own true self and live authentically. As an expert in the pageant industry, I will continue to invest in myself so I can provide my resources to our community and invest more in our youth. Education is my platform, I will continue to provide more assistance to unfortunate kids and have them have got access to at least the basic education. As an international motivational speaker, I will continue to share my stories with the world. And I will do so by speaking in more churches, colleges, events, and nonprofits.

What is one of the greatest lessons you have learned in business?

Do not let unqualified people discredit you!

What advice would you give to that person whose business is no doing so great and wants to give up?

Change your model! Get a mentor! Invest in yourself. Remember to be an engineer you have to go to school for four years and that doesn’t count the summer school lol! It takes a business 7 years to flourish. Education is the key! Learn, fail! Keep learning and you will win.

Define success.

Success to me, mean Set a goal and achieve it. It doesn’t have to be big! Success is an action, not words. I do not live in the same state as my father. If I say, dad, I am going to see my father this weekend and I did guess what? success to me.

Success is not about money but a mindset to accomplish what you say you will do.

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