Davion Robinson says blocking out negativity helped him reach his goal and has signed to play college basketball!

Basketball star, Davion Robinson is headed to play college basketball, against all odds!

Davion Robinson has overcome many obstacles and battles as a child growing up without a father, in a one-parent household. Davion recalls the negativity felt when expressing his goals and aspirations with fellow friends, family, and teammates. He decided to let those negatives fuel his fire for success. He continued to work hard, exude self-confidence, and push forward towards his goals without swaying. Davion used negative comments such as “what he cannot become,” to push him to work towards those very goals. Davion also encourages his fellow teammates to just focus on themselves and to become selfish within their journeys. Davion’s main goal is to be recognized as one of the top players in the NAIA division. Davion stopped listening to people who put self-doubt into his dreams and decided to make his dreams a reality. SHEEN talked to Davion about how his journey impacted reaching his ultimate goal of playing college basketball below:

When did you decide to play basketball and what has been your journey so far?

I decided to play basketball competitively during my freshman year of high school. My journey has been unorthodox, lots of transfers trying to find my find but once I did it was smooth sailing.

What is something that you would want to tell other college athletes?

The same advice I would give to high school athletes as well: take care of your grades and body. Training hard is always an athletes instinct but we tend to forget about the recovery side and your grades will only do nothing but open up more doors of opportunity.

What’s the legacy you’re hoping to create throughout your college career?

I want to be the best version of me. That’s the legacy I want to create, I feel like chasing after trying to replicate someone’s way to success won’t get you there. Creating your own will but I do want people to use my story as a way to believe that they too can make it. My journey is far from traditional, I’ve been under the radar and written off by a lot of people but beauty lies within the struggles and pain. 

What are you looking most forward to experiencing playing college basketball?

I’m looking forward to competitive play and exposure to traveling. The college life and schedule I feel will prepare for the workforce of life or the next level of basketball if by all of God’s grace I get there. Also playing with the great team we have and under the coaches. I know I’ll have a lot of wisdom and we’ll preparation set for me.

What will you major in during your college career?

I will be majoring in Sports Management. I intended on broadcasting/journalism but I understand that I’d like to freelance in that field. Sports Management is the credential that would be most useful to my life and career opportunities.

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All images by Jashawn Taylor and Cooper Clark