Charlotte, NC hip-hop artist, and entertainer, Chantly Jones isn’t just a rapper, he’s a songwriter, dancer and producer as well. Chantly Jones, sometimes simply known as Chantly, is a lyricist who attributes his talent to his many experiences singing gospel music in the church choir as early as 11 years old. Even though Chantly was inspired by other talented musicians and artists such as Michael Jackson, James Brown, LL Cool J and Big Daddy Kane, he admits that music was always a part of his life.

Chantly began working as an intern at a radio station called “Power 98” where he continued to write music and also playing basketball in his spare time. Although he was very talented at sports, he had a passion for rapping and making music and eventually chose music over the NBA when the chance came.

Chantly Jones learned the music industry and continued to write music. However, many obstacles stood in his path to success. He made a few bad decisions and was incarcerated for four years. Going back and forth to jail and being constantly harassed by the local police, Chantly wanted to call it quits but later realized that the trials only made him better. He knew he had to make better choices and decisions so that he could become a better man and provide for his family.

Shortly after his release from his four-year prison sentence, Chantly made up in his mind to create an empire with the ultimate goal of creating a successful record label and owning a multi-billion dollar company with his own clothing warehouse store that caters to everyone’s style. He started the “Open Season Records” label and has his own urban clothing line. His motto is “It takes money to make money” and strongly believes that “Network brings NetWORTH”.

Chantly Jones still enjoys basketball and recently released his single “I Grind” which, like the name of his record label Open Season, is a reference to the sport he loves. “I Grind” is now available on all streaming sites and on his website.

Be on the lookout this summer for his new single “HER.”

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All images courtesy of Chantly Jones