Toronto, ON – Fresh off his Indie Week Canada (one of Canada’s top festivals for emerging artists) performance where Rising Artist Leo Vance left it all on the stage, Leo invites you to your mischievous side with his new single “Coming Home.” The single explores the feeling of being with the wrong person. Leo Vance also wrote, produced and mixed the track.

Leo Vance The hard-working Artist debuted his first album “The Legend Begins” just one year ago and hasn’t stopped. Leo has released 2 Eps “2 Lit” and most recently “Interlude” which is part of a 5 EP series. Leo has also been hitting many festival/show stages across Canada and the US. Leo won his first industry award “Breakthrough Artist of the Year” at the Canadian Urban Hip Hop Awards and was nominated for Indie Week’s “Best Urban Artist.” The multi-talented 22-year-old star confidently actualized his vision like never before in terms of style, sound, and spirit.

What’s the inspiration behind your new single “Coming Home?”

The inspiration came from friends, one, in particular, that had his eyes set on a girl that was with a guy that wasn’t treating her right and he felt he was a better fit for her.

What led you into the hip-hop industry?

The way the music made me feel, the way that Hip Hop inspired and moved people. I wanted to capture that for my own music and utilize it for positivity.

In what ways do you feel you have evolved musically as an artist?

So far, I would have to say the range of things I can do musically has expanded, in production writing, and engineering. The ability to free flow when I sit in front of my keyboard and write.

What do you enjoy most about being an Indie artist?

The control I have over my music, and the ability to release when I want, and to paint my own pictures like an artist image-wise. Ultimately, pave my own path.

What’s the hip-hop music scene like in Toronto, Canada?

It’s evolving…slowly.

What music goals would you like to achieve before the year is over as an artist?

I am right now in the studio recording two more EP’s and I am releasing another single in December entitled Brooklyn!

What upcoming music projects can fans expect to hear from you soon?

“For most of my childhood I was raised in Detroit, Michigan and my next EP I will be releasing in January, will pay homage to the Detroit experience. The next project after that will be released in March, that EP will feature a more crossover radio/pop inspired sound with an older R&B vibe.”


“Coming Home” is available now on all platforms!

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All Images: Samuel Engelking & Franklin Lau