Nothing speaks volumes like being able to boss up and take on the world with your brother by your side. Raised in a small city called Mount Dora, Florida, these two brothers have managed to use their talents in the entertainment industry to start a major record label titled (G.O.D. Familia) which has become well known in the streets of Brazil.

“G.O.D. Familia represents greatness. Everyone has been through moments where they have felt defeated. But it’s about tapping in with your greatness and knowing you can overcome any defeat. It can take years or sometimes a lifetime to find. Your true self, your ethic must be unmatched, and you must maintain consistency even when it doesn’t look promising. What we built in the garage will last a lifetime. My brother YOUNG upholds the value of G.O.D. Familia, he is the enforcer when it comes to the world knowing what we represent. I would be nothing without GOD and my team.”

As an artist, Gshytt has managed to explore many sides of the industry, to include appearing in Stomp The Yard, Honey 2, and Beyoncé’s Haunted short film. He’s starred in Rihanna’s “ANTI” Samsung commercial, and prior to music, he was a professional dancer for Beyonce’, Ciara and Rihanna.

“I had so many talents I just had to channel them. I didn’t know I could dance until I got to college (FAMU). I learned the fundamentals of dance in college which also made me gain a higher respect for music and the culture. I danced alongside (Rihanna, Beyoncé, Ciara, and more). Dance was a gift, but it wasn’t something that I loved like the music.”

When it comes to giving back, these two brothers recently donated 20,000 dollars to the Nigerian dance group called Dream Catchers. Rihanna, Diddy, and Naomi Campbell have recently shared these dance groups videos. Young is officially a part of the board of the directors of Dream Catchers.

“The Dream Catchers of Nigeria are special. Having a dance background, seeing them dance brings me happiness. It’s like their escape to being their true selves. That’s what music does for me, so to see them doing it through dance brought an ultimate connection. YOUNG is someone who loves to reach out and help people if he sees you taking it seriously; as long as you are passionate and persistent with what you are doing. It was YOUNG’s idea to invest in the Dream Catchers and help them fulfill their dreams. We have big plans with the Dream Catchers and the world will be able to witness very soon.”

The dynamic brotherly duo also started a nonprofit after visiting Africa to film a music video in Zimbabwe. They wanted to change how the media displayed only the violence, starving children and diseases. They displayed the more beautiful sides of Africa all while helping those in need. The music video immediately became a hit. It was played on every major radio station in the country and landed them a major news interview on Good Morning Zimbabwe.

“Giving back plays a major role. Sometimes giving back goes unplanned. In these third world countries, they may have never even seen or touched an American Rapper. So sometimes we give back just by jumping out of the sprinter in a random hood or slum and taking pics with the people, letting them touch you to know it’s a real moment, picking up babies and holding hands with the youth and letting them know we are just like you. These are the moments that money can’t buy and we cherish forever.”

While in Africa they connected with a local all-female school to provide tampons and sanitary items for up to 300 women. They also created music with a popular blind group of musicians in Zimbabwe known as JJ vibes. Gyshytt also recently released his new single, “Maiara” which is available now on all platforms.

“For the song Maiara, I was in the studio at our condo in São Paulo, Brazil recording the “TRAP FUNKK” album. (Crossover sound of American Trap & Brazilian Funk) w/ producer LUCK MUZIK. My assistant was there at the moment and her name is Maiara (Brazilian girl); she always would tell us to keep the volume down at 3 am because the neighbors would complain. So I just made it into a hook over that 150 Bpm produced by LUCK MUZIK and the sound of that Brazilian funk kicked in.”

Be on the lookout for Gshytt’s upcoming project, “Global Trotta,” executive produced by Young, along with follow-up, “Trap Funk,” a crossover of Brazilian Funk music, and American trap.

Check out Gshytt’s latest single Maiara now on Tidal!

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