Warner Brothers Entertainment hosted the world premiere for new film Life of The Party in Auburn, Alabama. Bringing a real collegiate feel to the premiere, Auburn University students were in attendance to see their favorite actors and actresses debut the new film. The film was written and produced by Hollywood power couple Melissa McCarthy and husbae Ben Falcone. The full cast was there to celebrate the new film; Matt Walsh (The Hangover), Jimmy O’ Yang, Stephen Root, Julie Bowens (Modern Family), Ben Falcone (The Boss), Molly Gordon, Jessie Ennis, and Melissa McCarthy. Warner Brother’s hosted an “Auburn University” themed block party following the premiere. They truly created a “Life of the Party” experience for premiere attendees.

The film tells the story of a new divorcee Deanna, played by comedian and actress Melissa McCarthy who returns to college and attends the same university as her daughter played by actress, Molly Gordon. The hilariously funny movie also stars Maya Rudolph,  who plays Deanna’s ride or die, best friend in the film. SHEEN caught up with the cast on the red carpet to get some exclusives on what to expect in the new comedy set to be released in theaters on May 11th!

Watch our SHEEN red carpet exclusives below:


Image Credit: Bree Suber – N Focus Photography

Video Credit: Shaunelle Murphy – Ace Photos & Designs