Wheew chile, one of the many struggles of being a busy parent with busy kids: transportation.

A 2017 survey found many parents with children between ages six and 17 have a hard time managing the logistics of getting their kids to various activities. 40% of those surveyed said they spend more than five hours per week driving their kids around. Of those parents, a third said they spend more than 10 hours each week driving their kids.

Houston, Texas mother, wife, and business owner Tabitha Martin has turned her passion for child safety into profit with uber cool startup “Kool Kids Transportation” a shared ride concept focus on the safety of children before and after school.

Before leaving corporate America Tabitha worked non-traditional hours and like most parents, Tabitha found herself constantly plagued with the afterthought of figuring out adequate drop-off and pick up times for her children. Like any parent, ensuring safe and reliable pick up and drop off times for busy children to and from school can be challenging, and keeping safety at the forefront leaves most parents with very few solutions.

Every school year multiple reports of school age kids being followed home, or being abducted surfaced headlines. According to the Over Dispatch Journal children are more likely to be abducted returning home from school. Kool Kids transportation prides itself as being not just any other rideshare operation, but a business that operates for the peace of mind of every parent.

Recently awarded “Best Child Transportation Services in Houston” by  the award-winning app that makes scheduling and tracking rideshares for your kids to school, sports and other activities easy and secure. Kool Kids is constantly providing peace of mind to Houston parents and Kool Kids alike.

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Featured Image: Kool Kid Transportation