Not every hero wears a cape. In this case, hero Joshua Scott wears GRACE! The Houston area Pastor’s surrender to obedience allowed him to help many affected by the recent government shut down. We had a moment to chat with the blessing in disguise and the 2018 recipient of the Historic Black Excellence Gala “Pastor of the Year,” Pastor Joshua Scott of Humble Praise Center.

What led you to help those who furloughed?

Jesus asked Peter during a time of distress do you love me “feed my People” John 21:15. As we looked out into the country, we saw God’s children suffering financially, emotionally, and spiritually. I believe that as a Pastor I had to rally those around me to be concerned about their brothers and sisters. It’s easy to sit in the church and say we will pray for you but its God’s work when you give the single mother that has been working for TSA for 10 years and didn’t have gas to get back and forth to work and provide her tank of gas to ensure that her job is secured. Many of the individuals Humble Praise Center assisted were not members nor have they ever visited our church. We gave out thousands of dollars not to praised but tell the world that God’s hands are still at work every day. We are grateful that when we see God’s people in need we are able to leap into action. I often speak in “we” because as a Pastor, I am just one man but it is those who believe in me and believe in the vision that I have that help make our work possible. Although we are small in number, I believe that as God gave the battle to Gideon’s Army, he provides us with the tools to over whatever obstacles are in our way!

I once heard a Pastor say the quickest way to release favor is to SERVE others, which leads to my next question: describe what happens SPIRITUALLY when giving unto others?

Giving should be an act of love. God gives us an example in John 3:16, “He gave” giving is essential to life the more you give the more comes back to you. Don’t give your rent money away but if there is excess and you see someone in need give and trust the word that it shall be given back to you good measure and running over. We often don’t give as much as we should because we are worried about tomorrow but there will come a time in all of our lives where we try the word and know that he is our provider. So to the government worker who may have or will be affected, know not to look to the left or the right but look to the hills from which your help comes from.

The sit down with Pastor Scott has left us with one thought. “Giving in the physical is an open invitation to receive spiritually.” Are you open to receive?

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All images by J.Rodriguez Photography