Deannee Santiago and Janet Frederick who are a mother and daughter duo, have managed to generate over a million dollars since the launch of their skincare product two years ago. Janet Frederick started off making her products in her kitchen. Her daughter Deannee was a lash technician at the time and when she saw the success of her mom’s products, she turned it into a business. Growing up, she was taught from the best, her mother, Janet Frederick who is vegan and practices methods to heal the body. Santiago would watch her mother make the products in their kitchen while growing up.

What started off as a fun arts and crafts activity ultimately ended up getting major attention, and turning into a rapidly growing business. Santiago realized that skin is often the first thing people notice about one another. While most focus on make-up for short term solutions, she found it important to work on skin care for long term solutions. That’s when she decided to take a holistic approach to skincare. The business is family ran and requires a lot of work. A typical work day for Santiago averages 16-18 hour days but her passion for it is what keeps her going.

Her products are handmade, and safe for babies because everything is organic. She explained that her mom is just as passionate about the business as she is, and even took some online classes to learn more. The business officially launched in 2017 and since then they have opened two stores in addition to online sales. Lulu Holistics has locations in Fort Lauderdale, FL and in the Bronx, NY. Santiago plans to expand, she’s currently gearing up to open a third store. Lulu Holistics will also have Billboards in New York and Jamaica. Santiago has also mentioned that she has two twin sisters who are autistic and seeks to raise awareness about autism in the Caribbean. She is currently sponsoring a school that works with autism.

How has your Holistic Skin Care Company helped children with Autism in the Caribbean?

Because I know Love is the only answer I decided to “show love”. I reached out to The Adonijah School in Kingston, Jamaica, this is a special needs school ran by Ms. James. My team and I spent hours on the phone listening to her story about why she started the school and how it affected her personally. She described some of the hardships she faces and how it makes it hard to properly help the children. This was a no brainer to me, I told my team to assist her in any way possible. This included public awareness, rebuilding a food canteen, and supplies for the students. I’m just happy that I’m in a position to help.  

How were you able to expand your online business to a million dollar franchise?

Lulu’s Holistic was built literally off of love. The love I have for my family, we spend time together and we have fun doing things. We fight like any other family but for the most part, we are close. We were able to build a following because people who are invested in our family. Our customers know my mother, they know that she makes all her clothes by hand. Our business jump-started because people would contact me and ask how a mother of 3 could look so youthful. I replied that “she makes natural products for her skin.” The rest is history. The marketing is handled by me, I use social media to drive customers to my stores online and physical.

What sets your company apart in the skincare products you offer?

Our products make our customers feel good about themselves. With positive results and great word of mouth, our business has grown by the grace of God.

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Featured Image by Deannee Santiago