In our current climate, we live in a revolutionary time that allows almost everyone to purse their dreams and crush their goals. With that, it is always extraordinary to have someone who pushes you beyond your “limits” and makes certain your remember that you have purpose. A woman who exemplifies this happens to be Dr. Shanessa Fenner, with many titles under her belt, Dr. Fenner handles it all with elegance and class.

What you do and what inspires you to maintain all of your positions, roles and titles? How have you inspired others to get to their destination?

I am an elementary principle; this is my twelfth year as a principle and my twenty-second year as an educator. I’ve been the principle in both elementary and high schools and when I was a teacher I was an elementary school teacher, I taught first and second grade.

As far as inspiring people, that as a principle, every morning when I’m delivering the school announcements I have my two students to come in and they do the pledge of allegiance then afterwards I do the announcement and there’s thing that I like to say. One of the things I like to say is that, I always tell my staff that we’re lifelong learners and I do believe we are placed here on Earth to do great things and we should not become complacent or stagnate. If you have your associate degree, you need to obtain your Bachelor’s, Bachelor’s you need to get your Master’s, Master’s obtain your PhD or your doctorate because once you obtain it, it cannot be taken away. *Main point: education is key

“You know Dr. Fenner because of what you say, I have enrolled in college and I’m going to start on my… ” Right now, I have six teachers in my building taking what I say to the next level and they are indeed obtaining.

“Not only have I gone and gotten these degrees, I also inspire also others to get those degrees”

My role as principle is my most inspiring and fulfilling roles. I have about 400 kids in my building and it’s PreK all the way up to fifth and I just truly love my babies. I’m in the classrooms, I form great relationships and we do have that family environment at my school.

More than just an educator Dr. Shanessa Fenner is a song writer, co-writing two songs (You Never Know Who You’re Going to Love by Carl Marshall and I Trusted You by Michelle Miller), radio host, television starlette, author and in her free time, she enjoys reading to the blind. What an extraordinary woman she is!

All images provided by Dr. Shanessa Fenner