Branding yourself is important. You are the face of your brand and people are looking at you to see what your brand represents. Viola Davis, the first African American woman to win an Emmy for a Drama Series; said, “The only thing that separates women of color from anyone else, is opportunity.” As African American women we have to work even harder to break down barriers, but as we saw at this year’s Emmys, it is possible to be seen and recognized! There are plenty of women of color who broke down barriers and created a successful brand.

Here’s how:

  • Be punctual – If you’re on time you are late. It’s always good to be at a destination before your scheduled time, this way you can prepared for the day. Time is precious; don’t waste your time or anyone else’s.
  • Be professional- We all like to let loose and not feel like we’re walking on egg shells, but professionalism shows people that you take your brand seriously.
  • Pay attention to detail- Every detail matters in branding, from logos to clothes. Your logo should catch someone’s attention in less than 5 seconds. And your outfit, hair, makeup should say “I’m a BOSS.” Your décor or design of your office should be clean, neat and inviting. People never forget a good impression.
  • Be resourceful- Networking is everything. Most times you find your greatest resources by attending networking parties, etc… Meeting people and having friendly conversation can get your brand in doors that you would’ve never imagined.
  • Be passionate- When building a brand, people want to see that you love what you do. Your passion will make people more excited about your brand.

Featured Image: Shutterstock