Often people think being a wardrobe stylist is all glitz and glamour. Creating a glamorous look is part of the job, but being over prepared for wardrobe malfunctions is a huge part of it as well. So many of your favorite celebrities can tell you the endless stories of when they’re about to hit the red carpet and everything with their outfit goes wrong. Whether it’s a button popping, zipper breaking, etc… It is the wardrobe stylist job to resolve the problem quick and in a hurry!

As women, we carry all kinds of things in our purses just in case of an emergency. Here are some tips of what to carry in your purse or kit that will help you channel your inner stylist.

  • Carry a Lint Brush – We all know that feeling of wearing a great outfit and rushing out the door, only to look down and realize we have lint all over our clothes. Every stylist carries one of this.
  • Needle and Thread – I know we’ve all had a wardrobe malfunction where something ripped or tore. Being women on the go, we don’t have time to run back home and change. Carrying needle and thread is always helpful.
  • Garment Guards- Sweat is not cute for anyone and it especially doesn’t look good in photos. So garment guards are a must.
  • Sole Glow- No one likes when their shoes get scuffed or scraped. Sole glow helps clean your shoes.