Step one: Increase your water intake. Drinking 17oz of water temporarily boosts your metabolism by 24-30% for 90 minutes.

Step two: Do 30-45 minutes of high intensity cardio, preferably fasted, in the morning. Fasted cardio is cardio done before eating anything, though you still drink water. If you can’t get it all done at once it’s ok to split it up during the day.

Step three: Cut out all sauces and salt-based seasonings. Rather than explaining what you shouldn’t have, I’ll say the only things you should have are mustard, spicy mustard; balsamic, malt, apple cider, red or white wine vinegar, hot sauce, sriracha, Olive oil, Coconut oil, Sesame oil, Mrs. Dash, and any dried herbs.

Step four: Eat more fresh greens and fruits. Have your fresh greens replace your carbs as the biggest portion on your plate. Have a fruit for dessert.

Step five: GET SLEEP! Your body can’t function and properly recover if you aren’t well rested. It causes stress, which in turn cause weight gain or stagnation in weight loss.


Featured Image: Shutterstock