First dates can be one of the most nerve wrecking and unpredictable experiences you’ll ever have! As women, we tend to let our thoughts of “Will he find me attractive?”, “Did I pick the right outfit?” and “Is this my future husband?” consume us, hardly ever resulting in a second date. We are distracted from simply getting to know the guy by somehow developing a need to be accepted by the guy!

So what I want to offer you are a few EASY guidelines on how to execute your next first date, leaving him wanting to know you more!

Know Your Value–This is all about having a standard and sticking to it! It’s self-love; knowing who you are and OWNing it! It’s a shift from wanting someone to choose you, to you being the one doing the choosing. It’s having an expectation; realizing you’re worthy of true love and believing that you’ll get it!

Keep It Light! – A first date is not to be confused with a round of 21 Questions or your autobiography! You will QUICKLY lose the interest of a potentially good guy by overwhelming the date with interrogations and your life story! Also…avoid topics like politics, past relationships and religion; Way too serious for a first date. Simply find out what you like about each other and what you both do in the world.

Let Your Body Do the Talking! – Nonverbal communication speaks louder than any phrase spoken from your mouth. So use it to your advantage and SMILE! Your smile is one of the most natural, eye-catching features that you possess, and also one of the most common features men say they find most attractive in a woman. Keep your body language smooth and open; don’t tense up and cross your arms or hunch over. Lean toward him and mirror his posture. Have fun and flirt a little!

Listen More Than You Speak! – This point is crucial ladies! Outside of winning cool points by showing him that you’re actually attentive to what he has to say and genuinely interested in getting to know him, this is where YOU determine if you’re interested in seeing him again based off the content of his conversation! If you like what you hear, continue to gaze in his eyes as he carries on. If not, and you’re offered a second date, politely decline!

Don’t Be Attached to The Results! – Although, you should certainly take your dating life seriously, just show up and see what happens! Not every date is going to turn into a relationship. So be confident in how valuable you are, the value of your company and the value of your time! Put your best foot forward, and if the date is not favorable, let go of the result and just pretend it was a dress rehearsal for your last first date!

Ladies! Know that men follow your lead and that dating is something that you have control over. Make it count!

As Always,