With winter fully upon us, now is the perfect time to grab your girls for a night…in! Get ready for tons of laughs, reminiscing, and some great photos, all within the comfort (and warmth) of your home. Check out our tips for your next girls’ night!

Choose A Theme

I held my girls-night-in gathering right before the holidays so it was definitely Christmas-themed (see my small DIY hot chocolate station, below). I already had the Christmas tree and lights up so I didn’t have to do much of any decorating. Holidays are always a great theme choice; depending on when your actual event is you can get party favors and decorations for cheap (i.e. a few days after the holiday all the merchandise will be on sale).

Know Your Goals

Not every girls-night-in has the same purpose. If your mission is to take really cute pictures, I suggest grabbing a Fujifilm Instant Camera, it makes for really cute Instagram-worthy collages, and the prints can double as party favors for your guests to take home with them. Also coordinating outfits within the theme always makes for great photos. I wanted my girls-night-in to be about self-care and self-reflection so I made sure the atmosphere was very relaxed and didn’t require my guests to dress up at all. I found some really cute initial journals at the dollar store that were perfect for self-reflection and goal setting.

Have Fun Activities and Ice-Breakers

What’s a girls’ night without laughter?! Chances are all of your girlfriends may not be girlfriends…yet. Grab a fun card game like Black Card Revoked — it now has four editions, any of which are sure to get your girls mingling, and the conversation and laughter flowing. You can purchase their Original Flavor cards on Amazon, or all of their product options on their official website. My girls’ night was about self-care so I created a pampering station for my girls, complete with individual basins and facial towels, and an assortment of facial products (masks, cleansers, and moisturizers) to choose from.

Products featured:
Alaffia’s Neem Turmeric Cleanser
OZ Natural’s Vitamin C + Sea Hydration Mask
Sulwahasoo Radiance Energy Face Mask
AVYA’s Gentle Cleanser
Farmhouse Fresh’s Sand Your Ground Mask
Shu Uemura’s Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil

Minimize Your Kitchen Time

A good hostess makes sure her guests have a good time; a great hostess makes sure she does too. Have your food catered or delivered, buy frozen appetizers, or have your guests each bring a food item. Whatever it takes, but make sure you’re joining in on the fun and not stuck in the kitchen. Keep the clean-up time to a minimum too by purchasing plastic ware and/or paper goods. This is a cute and chic option that won’t have you loading the dishwasher or hovering over the kitchen sink.

Do you have any other girls’ night tips? Share below!

Featured Image: Shutterstock