Tis the season to big chop, and slay in some of the most stylish short natural haircuts. Well, we still have a short while before we can lay claim to spring, but who says we can’t plan and prepare?

Whether you’re ready to jazz up your style with a short and chic fade or simply want to trim that afro, SHEEN caught up with 20-year veteran and Razor South Barbershop owner, Purvis Terrell to provide you with the tips to ensure you walk away from that barber chair looking nothing short of amazing.

Keep it natural for a more feminine look

Some cuts aren’t as natural-looking on women because of how they’ve been lined up. A woman whose looking for a more feminine look, shouldn’t get their hair lined up in the front because it makes the cut appear more masculine. Instead, women should get their hair lined on the side and back.

Keep Hair cut every 10-14 days

When you have a close cut or a fade, it’s best to keep your hair cut at least every 2 weeks.

Keep Hair Conditioned

I can’t express enough how important it is to keep even faded manes conditioned. I suggest utilizing a leave-in conditioner.

Be true to yourself

Every woman is different and wants to rock their cut their own way. It all depends on what you want and what you prefer. If you prefer to be strictly baldhead, go for it. Don’t let your barber determine what you want.

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