It’s finally summer and everyone’s excited to lay on the beach and get that sun-kissed look. Effortless glowing summer skin is not as easy as it sounds though, as too much sun can be pretty harmful to your health and skin. That said, here are some tried and tested ways to take care of your skin so you can get the perfect glow of the season without any damage.

  1. Slather on the sunscreen

Let’s start with the obvious and talk about sunscreen. It should already be a habit to use sunscreen every day to protect your skin, and the summer heat just means you have to up your game. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends using sunscreen with SPF-30 minimum. Be sure to re-apply every two hours when swimming or sweating. While you’re at it, get a spray-on sunscreen for your scalp, and a lip balm with SPF for your lips, too.

  1. Prep the sunburn arsenal

Despite your efforts in protecting your skin with copious amounts of sunscreen and hiding under a big floppy hat, sometimes sunburns still happen. Carrying around an emergency soothing balm is a must if you plan on going out and under the scorching heat. Based on the results of a study called Centella Asiatica in Cosmetology, it may be helpful to choose products with cica, known for its soothing and healing properties.

  1. Identify your skin type

Not all skincare products are created equal, and knowing your skin type is crucial to figure out what kind of products and routine it needs. People with dry skin may have a harder time coping with the summer heat, and oilier skin types might experience unexpected breakouts. Thankfully, several skincare enthusiasts have found ways to identify skin types and how exactly to care for each one. Beauty website Pretty Me features an array of skincare articles that help you do just that – from figuring out which types of skin need to moisturize the most in the summer, to choosing the right kinds of food for the best summer glow. So, if you haven’t done this important step yet, then it’s time to backtrack and give any of the several skin type testing methods a go and then design the right routine for your skin.

  1. Consider wearing less makeup

Heavy makeup can be suffocating for the skin and can cause inflamed acne to make an unwanted appearance. It may be time to embrace the no-makeup look by choosing to stick with basics like concealer and lip tint. Ditching heavy foundation can also help you avoid emphasizing the creases worsened by dry skin. It’s better to opt for a lightly tinted sunscreen for both protection and smoother looking skin.

Here at Sheen, we have tons of other articles that talk more about skincare and beauty for all seasons. Learning about how to care for your skin and how to change up your routine, depending on what’s going on around you, is a useful skill to have. By staying ahead of the shifts in your environment and adapting your beauty regime, you’ll be beautiful all year round.

This feature was submitted by Allie Cooper