More than a decade since the last installation of the Barbershop series, directors decided it was time for another installment. The cast of Barbershop: The Next Cut recently went on tour to promote the latest installment of the Barbershop series making a stop in Atlanta. The film chronicles the everyday life of a Barbershop owner, Calvin Palmer (Ice Cube), and his coworkers and patrons in the Southside of Chicago.

The series has always stood true to actual occurrences in the Southside of Chicago. However, The Next Cut takes it a step further by exemplifying what it means to be a fed up parent, friend, son, mother, brother, and outright citizen living in an urban gang war-zone. It can be said that the characters have had enough and proposed a solution to end the violence that is taking place in their front yards. The Next Cut is relevant because police brutality is at its peak since the previous film was released early 2004.

“Barbershops play a major role in our community because we’re not really into going to therapy; that’s taboo in our culture so most of the time where you can talk your problems out are in the barber shop and beauty shop and you can go in there and talk about what’s going on with your family, your girl, and your man. It’s a place where you can fellowship, get good advice and get bad advice depending on who it is you’re talking to. I just think it’s a place like a social club and we wanted to give props to the barbers and beauticians because they really hold up our self-esteem, which is, in our communities, fragile sometimes. Our barbers are the Unsung heroes of our communities, that’s why we wanted to give them some love,” said Ice Cube.

Anybody can discuss issues and potential solutions to problems, but there needs to be action taking place to see significant change. Ice Cube believes that it takes accountability for the black community to see a change within the people.

“I think we all have to take ownership of our communities. Not just of our family or what we possess but of our community. We can do a lot by not accepting foolishness all the time, especially from the kids. I know coming from me it doesn’t seem like I would say that, but to me that ain’t cool. You’re supposed to nip that in the butt and check that foolishness at younger ages. I think that’s what we need start to doing. You can’t just wait for a hero or someone else to change our reality,” said Ice Cube.

Barbershop: The Next Cut opens in theaters everywhere April 15, 2016.