You know and love her as Natalie on the hit television drama, If Loving You is Wrong and you’ve seen her hit shows such as ABC’s How to Get Away With Murder and Freeform’s, The Fosters. April Parker-Jones is on her way to the top and has no plans of leaving anytime soon. In this exclusive interview with Sheen, Parker-Jones discusses everything from her transition from Los Angeles to Atlanta and her journey to success!

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your experience on Tyler Perry’s hit show, “If Loving You Is Wrong”?

Well, I’m a native of Durham, North Carolina. I began acting since I was just five years old doing plays and I fell in love with theater. I put my skills to use all throughout high school and college and I went onto New York City to pursue a theater career. I lived there for eight years and met and fell in love with my husband. We decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue a film and television career in 2005. Fast forward ten years later, I was able to audition for Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You Is Wrong” on OWN and I was blessed to book my first regular series job. I’ve been on the show since 2014 and I now live in Atlanta where the show is filmed. It’s been an awesome ride and I’m very excited about the future for the show and my career. That’s the skinny of my life as an actress so far and I’m so grateful. My life is centered around gratitude and optimism.

Can you give insight on your character, Natalie and what viewers can expect?

The show is about five women who live in the town of Maxine. It’s a town that is filled with drama, (laughs) murder, lies, everything that can become addictive when it comes to outstanding entertainment. My character, Natalie, I like to call her the Mama Bear. She’s the one who will shoot straight from the hip! She keeps the girls in line although she comes with her own seemingly bit of drama but not as much. She’s a single mom, with four kids and a manager of a restaurant called Burger Fast. Her live-in boyfriend, Lushion played by Charles Malik Whitfield are now they’re engaged! Natalie has moved into the neighborhood with the ladies and as a new member it’s going to bring some new drama. It’s been an interesting ride now that Natalie is in the neighborhood with the four women.

How was your transition from Los Angeles to Atlanta? What would you say some of the pros and cons are?

I would say there are so many more pros than cons to me living in Atlanta. I will say the entertainment industry is still in Los Angeles but the entertainment industry is growing by leaps and bounds in Atlanta. I’m so happy to be a part of watching it all blossom and unfold so quickly. Another pro of living in Atlanta for me is being a lot closer to my family. My husband is from Savannah, Georgia so he is closer to his family as well so that is really gratifying. I do miss the weather in Los Angeles (laughs) who doesn’t miss that? I will say though, even in Atlanta, the seasons are defined. It’s something beautiful about watching the seasons change. OH! I can’t forget the cost of living! (laughs) That’s a big pro! It’s a drastic change living in Atlanta vs. Los Angeles. After 41 years of being on this Earth, I finally get to be a home-owner and that has been a big dreamed fulfilled for me and my family.

Are there any projects you’re working on that we should be on the lookout for?

Yes! In addition to “If Loving You Is Wrong,” I’m also recurring on a show called, “The Resident,” which premieres on FOX. It’s a new medical show. I play Dr. Jen Kays who is a surgeon. She’s a lot different from Natalie. Also, be on the lookout for me recurring on TNT’s “The Last Ship.” I play General Anita DuFine. These characters are unlike Natalie on If Loving You Is Wrong but it’s definitely a chance for fans to see me in a different light.


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