Renee M. Beavers is known for living a healthy lifestyle with her positive mindset. Beavers proudly aims her spirit towards providing help to those who have unhealthy relationships with the food they consume. Renee spoke with SHEEN to share why she chooses to live a healthy lifestyle and even gives us insight on her book, 21 Day Journey Cookbook.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am a 50-year-old Christ worshiper who has been happily married to my best friend for 29 years. Our only daughter who is 26 years is our true love child. I am an entrepreneur, author and Whole-Person Plant- Base lifestyle Movement developer.  I use these for good and not evil. I have three published books which I like to compare to pregnancy and childbirth –simultaneously!  They have taught me how to wait with great anticipation and pain yet they have forced me to stretch beyond my comfort zone. We also recently launched our Plant-BASED animal and gluten-free cookie business. O.T.A.S “O Taste and See,” it is our solution to the age-old never-ending sweet tooth.

When did you decide that a healthy lifestyle was the life for you?

 Intuitively, I knew that a healthy lifestyle was for me by the age of 20. Unfortunately, I spent 15 or more years searching for a path to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle that could provide sustainable results. The answer which at the time eluded me, seem to have been hidden in plain sight all along.  Prayer, fasting, and a plant-based lifestyle have changed my life, forever. My blood pressure is 96 over 66, my cholesterol is 180, my glucose is 100, and I weigh 135. Numbers do not lie.  We are each the body of evidence of the lifestyle that we choose to live.

Do you mind telling us a little about your book, “21 Day Journey Cookbook”?

There are ten top killers in the world today. Six of the ten have a direct link to the foods we eat. What if the cure could be found in the cause? Most individuals know that it takes 21 days to form a new habit and we may even know the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. Why have we not taken action? If we continue to do the same thing and eat the same foods, failure is imminent. Some of the most significant obstacles to transitioning into a plant-based lifestyle are cost, time, and taste. I believe that if the plan is affordable, fast, and delicious, more people will make the decisions to change. The purpose of our cookbook is to provide people with delicious, affordable, quick, plant-based meals that are easy to make. Our recipes are designed to empower its readers with the tools, support, and information needed to change.

How did the idea come about?

It has always been a part of my journey to overcome my struggle with food addiction, serial dieting, sickness and disease. I want to make nutrition easy to understand and to provide hope and freedom. People asked the same questions so I decided to provide solutions, answers, and tools. I have made a decision to become a part of the solution. I began to study food as it related to illnesses and took an in-depth look at diets that claimed to provide supplements and individual foods as the answer to health. I discovered that diets don’t change your life – only lifestyles can.

What is your goal for your readers to gain from your books?

I hope that we can become thinkers again.  Reading makes us think change is the result of thinking and taking action. I believe that it’s important to not only know how to accomplish your goals but to discover your WHY.

In your opinion, why do you believe a plant-based lifestyle can create a better relationship between people and the food they consume?

Most of us are unaware of the impact that our food has on our health. We don’t see the relationship between our food choices, our appetites and sickness and disease.

We have nutritional needs that can only be met when we fill our bodies with what is essential. Vegetable Fruits, beans, nuts seeds, and grains are loaded with the cleanness source of these essential elements. I like to explain that these sources provide benefits without any side effects.  These foods also require that we cook meals. We have a whole generation of people that don’t know how to cook.

We’re so busy on our phones and with technology that we don’t sit down and have meals together which affects our ability to connect and adequately communicate.

You’ve faced many challenges in your life, how do you find the motivation to push through and live such a positive life?

 My relationship with Christ is how I gain my strength. He’s the source of my identity. I believe that because I am forgiven, I am blessed to forgive and love God, myself, and others.  I live by the principle that I am responsible for how I treat people, not for how they treat me! That gives me the freedom to allow people to be who they are as human beings. Having realistic expectations of yourself and others is liberating which brings me joy!

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