Embracing and loving her gift once again, Lexi delivers a new sound to her life!

Lexi Allen has an energy like no one can imagine and an even bigger voice! In her latest album, “Just Listen,” has rediscovered her love of music after the passing of her husband. While reconnecting to one of her first loves, Lexi has actually become quite an influencer.

How did you get into the world of music? In what ways would you say music has shaped and molded you?

I’ve been in church and singing all my life. I don’t know honey (laughs) music has just always been a big part of my life. Coming home from school, my mom had this elaborate collection of music. My mom was all over the place with her music! (laughs) She had everything! She had white groups, black groups; she was just all over the place. R&B, pop, you name it. I would come home from school and clean the house listening to albums. Music has shaped my life.

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