World renowned music executive, Clive Davis is notorious for his over the top extravaganzas, but it seems as if his son is following in similar pursuit.

Mitch Davis, son of Clive, is blazing his own path beyond the music business. Mitch hosted a room full of influencers at the launch of his candle company ‘Illuminations.’ The company was a HUGE scent/candle company in the 90s, early 2000s with a cult following. People are thrilled it’s coming back!

The evening featured scented candles, around the two floor apartment. From the bathrooms to the living room, the candle company showcased a diverse array of aromas fit for any time of the year.

The evening garnered custom cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, while guests were entertained in the lavish living space, with candles EVERYWHERE.

The new Illuminations leverages the heritage of the brand and presents it in an elevated fashion with sleek-boxed packaging and the original Illuminations logo applied in an elegant copper-colored foil-like stamp. The overall branding features a printed metallic marbleized pattern look on a richly-weighted, folded box. The fragrance names and notes are called out on a generously-framed white box on the front of the with a mission simply printed on the side.

To top off the evening, music mogul, Clive Davis made an appearance supporting his son’s launch.

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Images by James Russell, of UMI Images